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About eight days ago my teacher Mr Jafary asked me one thing that really made me so surprized.

He asked me if I can teach English to some students.


These students are about 11-14 years old.

Actually I was so eager to be a teacher that accepted the suggestion immediately.

I tought it can be a new experiment for me.

Last saturday I had my first session with these six students.

And now I’ve passed three sessions with them.

All of my students are so smart and eager to learn English very well.

We teach Parade to these students which is a seven-level book published by Longman.

I think I could manage the class very well in these three sessions.

Of course,I should study more and more now because I should be responsible to my students.

I hope I do my best to make American English,my student’s second languge.

In the last week I couldn’t sleep at nights until 4 or 5 am in the mornings because I was just thinking about how to manage my class. 




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